After my writings about things that matters (or things that don’t), this one is the things that matters the most.

From this course, actually I got a lot of knowledge and experiences. When I first came to the class the lecturer, Mr. Apiq told the students to play a computer game (the one that moving people and monsters across the island). I really don’t have the idea about this course. But later on we were told to make a blog and be creative in class. So, the lesson that I learned from this course is:

  1. Of course to think more creatively
  2. Think fast and out of the box
  3. Develop all of my ideas
  4. Make a writings, so I could experienced improvements in writing
  5. Knowing about today’s technology
  6. Learn from creative people
  7. Learn about innovation theory like SCAMPER and Business Model
  8. Learn to how to make a good teamwork with friends
  9. Problem solving
  10. and since Mr. Apiq is the master of Mathematics, he share mathematical tricks that turns out really fun and far from boring

Alright so, I want to thank Mr. Apiq for all the knowledge, understanding and I also likely thank Kak Bayu for the help during this course.


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