Nadya’s definition of the most visionary country

“Creative means having the power to create and/or exerting the act of creation. And innovative was being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before.”

If I were asked “what is the most creative and innovative country?” many countries popped in my head. But there is one country that crossed my mind. Singapore. Yes, S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E.

Singapore is one of the South East Asia countries, with more or less 5 million people live there. in Singapore, the technology is all visionary yet futuristic. Singapore is also the world’s best business centre in Asia Pacific. No wonder, Singaporean are people who has excellent creativity in economy.

Anyway, the reason why I pick Singapore as the most creative country is because only Singapore that has this futuristic hotel.

Wanderlust. Maybe you would ask what is Wanderlust, and the later on you find out it was one of the hotels in Singapore. What so special?

Wanderlust is a boutique hotel like no other, a design where no two rooms are alike, each envisioned with a childlike imagination. Wanderlust is located in an old settlement where indian immigrants once reared cattle and livestock. The structure, which the history began in the 1920s as the hong wen school, still retains its original facade that gives the hotel a sense of old-world charm.  Situated 10 minutes from the cosmopolitan stretches of orchard road and the central business district, Wanderlust also offers door step access to a bustling, colorful street life.

Scroll down, and you will know my definition of creative and innovative.

the reception

the lounge

and these are the sneak peak of some of their rooms :

the “jungle” theme room

aaaaand this one is my favorite. Space room!

this is awesome. beyond cool.

I think it’s the most creative hotel in the world. The interior designer must be someone who always think out of the box. Because so far, this is the coolest bedroom interiors I’ve ever seen.

Besides that, Singapore is a high-technology country. The people are creative and adaptable with technological changes. Singaporean are dynamic, mobile, and they have high awareness of technology. Also, if we take a look at their tourism, they have so may interesting places to see and they’re way too creative in promoting their country. So, maybe that’s the reason why Singapore become the most innovative country.


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