Final Exam Post

Alright so this is my final exam post. In this post, I will explain about my creative digital business model. My idea of a digital business model is e-magz.

What is e-magz?

e-magz is an application that allows magazine reader to buy magazines online. This e-magz is compatible with PC, Laptop, Tablet PC. There are more than 50 famous world magazines that we provide.

Why e-magz?

Because, as we all know that global warming is a very serious issue. And the paper usage is one of many factors that could caused global warming. So, with the presence of e-magz, people don’t have to buy paper magazines. And what makes this e-magz different with online magazine? e-magz contents are more complete that the websites and also, with every purchase of e-magz, you are donating to illiterate people in the world. So, you save the earth and also the people. Then, what are you waiting for?


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