Final Exam Post

12 Dec

Alright so this is my final exam post. In this post, I will explain about my creative digital business model. My idea of a digital business model is e-magz.

What is e-magz?

e-magz is an application that allows magazine reader to buy magazines online. This e-magz is compatible with PC, Laptop, Tablet PC. There are more than 50 famous world magazines that we provide.

How to buy e-magz?

First, you have to download e-magz application, and it’s free! From your digital gadgets, you can buy the magazines online, just click and buy, the payment is with credit card. After you buy, the magazines will directly added to your e-magz. So, e-magz is like a library of your magazines. It simple.

Why e-magz?

Because, as we all know that global warming is a very serious issue. And the paper usage is one of many factors that could caused global warming. So, with the presence of e-magz, people don’t have to buy paper magazines. And what makes this e-magz different with online magazine? e-magz contents are more complete that the websites and also, with every purchase of e-magz, you are donating to illiterate people in the world. So, you save the earth and also the people. Then, what are you waiting for?

This is the business model of e-magz




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