Live and Learn from Mr. Budi Raharjo

11 Dec

This time, we had Mr. Budi Raharjo as our guest lecturer in Creativity and Innovation class. Mr. Budi Raharjo is an innovator, he’s a lecturer, and he also an entrepreneur. Do you know when you type a website that has .id at the end of the address? Yup, Mr. Budi Raharjo was the inventor. He was one of those people who made changes in digital world.

On his lecture yesterday, he explains much about digital world. Mr. Budi talked about his version of globalization. He said, there are three stages of globalization:

Globalization 1.0
Globalization 2.0
Globalization 3.0

He told us that digital system is cheaper nowadays. The digital equipment becomes smaller and the price is more affordable. Because, like stated in the beginning, this is the era when the needs of digital are very high. This era is a digital era. Where people has the needs of digital things. But if we think, life would be so much harder when there’s no technology. We are living in the world full of changes, and that’s the reason why technology has to keep developing.

There’s many things that I can learn from this guy, and more or less, this is what I remember:

Mr. Budi Raharjo is a person who actually made a digital company. One of his businesses is dD Blitz, in Blitz Megaplex. This business is a digital music store that provides digital music people. The reason why Mr. Budi made this business is very simple. He said, “biar lebih asik kalau mendengarkan musik”. A simple reason that produce a very cool thing. This business is once very successful. This made me believe that, we cannot underestimate our opinion, even the smallest ones. Because, those small ideas that will become big thing.

He also said that if we run a business, than we have to totally into it. We have to serious because business is not always about money. If we lose money, we can replace it. But if we lose our time, we never ever could get our time back.


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