The most important innovation in………………. the whole wide world

10 Oct

Yesterday,I was thumbing through the pages of quotation blog. And then I found this quote :

We take photos of things we never want to forget

and I’m like…… That’s true. A picture speaks a thousand words. A picture describes what words can’t describe. Imagine a world without pictures.. What would it be like?

So I think the most important innovation in the whole wide world is the invention of a camera.
A camera is a device that records and stores images. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. Camera is the most important innovation. Let’s imagine if we have to live without camera, we will never be able to capture our happiest or most important moments of our lives. Let’s take a look what impact of camera in society..

1.We could see historic events as they happened.  Before photography, there were drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Some of them were accurate, some were altered to appeal to the model’s vanity, or for dramatic effect. Eyewitness reports can be influenced by emotion, but photographic evidence has been considered accurate since 1880.

2. The camera has also preserved the images of loved ones and family members, as well as rustic beauty.
If it were not for a camera, many people would never have the opportunity to see the beauty that the world shows.

3.The invention of the camera allowed us to be able to go back to a time full of memories that we want to remember and keep forever.  People use the camera for such big things like man’s first step into space, or discovering a new animal species, or even a child’s birthday.

4. It created memories and data that helped many people find locations, see thing human kind cant go to see, and help police and dectives solve cases because the camera shows evidence of everything. It shows proof of things we cannot see.

5. Also, without a pictures, it will be hard to communicate. Pictures is one of the communication media which is very essential.

Well yes, that was the impact of camera in our world. The camera could produce a pictures that we could keep. It makes a memory lasts forever.



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